WakeMe is an online wake-up call service founded in 2012. This reminder service ensures that users wake-up on time by sending a wake-up call to a nominated mobile or landline telephone number. This wake-up service can also be used as an appointment reminder system for automated appointment reminders. It is quick and easy for anyone to use and more reliable than any other wake-up alert.

Why should you book an online wake-up call?

Everyone needs appointment reminders and wake-up calls for important events or occasions. You could use an alarm clock or mobile phone alarm, but a reliable automatic wake up call takes away the risk of forgetting to set alarms yourself, or the alarm not working.

There are many great reasons to use the WakeMe reminder service:

  • WakeMe is a wake-up call service that can ring your landline phone, so if you have an important meeting, flight or event in the morning (or at any other time), you do not have to rely on your alarm clock or mobile phone conserving enough battery life overnight.
  • Most people have experienced their mobile phone or battery dying during the night, or a power cut meaning the alarm clock does not wake them up in the morning; this problem is solved by the use of a landline home phone for the reminder call.
  • With WakeMe, you can book automated appointment reminder calls up to six months in advance. You can also book wake-up and reminder calls on a regular basis, for example every Tuesday and Friday at 6:00am for seven weeks, without having to manually set every alarm.
  • WakeMe is unique from other appointment reminder services in that it allows users to set alarms for others, such as relatives, partners, staff or clients. Due to its online functionality, WakeMe can call any mobile or landline phone in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom or United States at no extra charge!
  • The international call setting feature of WakeMe can also be used for yourself when you are visiting Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom or the United States, when you are away from your normal wake-up routines and in a different time zone.
  • You can never go back to sleep by accident with a WakeMe call as there is no snooze button on our wake-up call services!

Don’t miss work, an appointment or event again by using the WakeMe service. Set as many alarms in advance as you want and take advantage of the fantastic volume discounts when booking online. A simple and reliable reminder service. Sleep care free, and wake-up on time every time with WakeMe.